Walter E Drane, MD, FACR (About the author)

Walt Drane has been a Radiology/Nuclear Medicine academic attending physician for over 30 years; for the vast majority of this time, he has been/still is the Director of Nuclear Medicine and Advanced GI imaging at a major Southeatern university medical center. He has been a FULL TENURED PROFESSOR, since 1993.

A consumate teacher, Dr. Drane has been a major participant in the "WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW" courses from '90 -'97 and the Director of the Gainesville HOT SEATS course from '01-'13, one of the premier board review courses in the US. He was Director of the Gainesville Digital Hot Seats course for the new core ABR examination in ’14-’15.

He has been teaching Radiologists how to practice Nuclear Medicine and how to pass their board exams almost 40 years.

He has been involved with the development of clinical Nuclear Medicine instrumentation and techniques for decades; co-developing the first dual headed WB/SPECT system in the late 80's, advancing FDG SPECT / hybrid PET in the 90's and currently still working on unique CLINICAL equipment and tailored imaging procedures.

He is both an active Nuclear Medicine physician and radiologist, establishing many of the advanced GI techniques / other advanced imaging techniques, including CT and MR enterography, Virtual Colonography, MR defecography, MR lymphangiography, and many other imaging techniques. He remains a busy practicing clinician.

One of his favorite analogues: "Radiologists are like the MEN IN BLACK: We possess awesome toys and tools, we are always saving someone’s life from annililation, and nobody knows we even exist."

“Radiologists are frequently the smartest people in the hospital, but nobody knows it. If you can quietly be happy with this situation, then Radiology is for you. If you need your ego stroked, go into something else”.

Gainesville Digital Hot Seats sm
Gainesville Digital Hot Seats sm

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